Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Sketchbook Workshop June 23-24 with Suzy Pal

June 23-24th I am having a sketching/draw workshop. The space is limited to 10 so I need to know as soon as possible to get you on the list.

We will spend the first day in the studio, then on the 2nd day, I have a couple of locations to go to.
You will need a hat, a good sketchbook, and pen or pencil. If you want color, a small watercolor set.
It doesn't take much to keep a sketchbook. When you get one filled it is such a treasure! And so much fun.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Collage Workshop April 29-30

We had our 2 day collage workshop. It was so much fun! We laughed and had the best time.
There were 10 students, and my room was pretty full!
Everybody did an awesome job.
I am having another one Sept.30, Oct. 1st.
I only have room for 10 so let me know if you want to come as soon as you know so you can get on the list.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Art Exhibit in Big Spring, TX

Last year I was invited to join some artists from Big Spring to join their group,
'Caboose Watercolor Group' and we have an exhibit in Big Spring at the Howard County Jr.College.
The show will be up until May 2.
Kay Smith, Suzy, Leada Wood, and Sue Bagwell.
Members not present, Linda Rupard, Carole Berry, and Estelle Howard.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Lubbock TX Arts Festival

Two pieces of my art was accepted in the gallery at the Lubbock Arts Festival.
It is open to the public April 16-17.

The juror is Paul Milosevich of Santa Fe, NM.

This is 22x28 Watercolor, that I poured. There is not a lot of brush work on it.  My favorite...
Western Art! This is ' Work Day', using photos I took when our neighbor was branding.

The second piece is a torn paper collage of an old Woodie.
It is on a stretched canvas and is:   'Woodie'

Friday, April 1, 2016

Collage Workshop April 29-30

April 29-30
Two day collage workshop in Plains TX at my little studio.
The class is almost full.Have room for 1-2 more.
$100 for both days. Contact me if interested.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Sketching/Drawing Workshop

I am so excited to be having  a drawing/ sketching workshop June 24-25th. The first day we will focus on some drawing techniques, what to draw with, and sketchbooks. The Cost is $100.
my email is suzy_pal2000@yahoo.com  Address is 1141 US HWY 82 Plains, TX 79355
I need half ($50) by June 5 to hold your spot. (they wont be cashed until the workshop is over)

The second day we will go out and sketch. I will have some places for us to go. We will probably want to start by 9 a.m to beat the heat. We can go east of town and sketch windmills. The motel sign in town is awesome. We also have an old courthouse. Also a lavender patch...maybe.
I am so excited about getting to share this fun.

I recommend watercolor or mixed media sketch books because they won't ripple when wet.
I love moleskins, strathmore, visual journal, etc.
I draw with ink and use fountain pens, but if you can't let go of your pencil I understand.
 The windmill, hay field and Motel sign were drawn on location.

you can pick up travel watercolor sets, or make one, as well as travel brushes. OR any watercolor brush. You wont need a lot. here is a list I like to use. I will send it to Karen at Varistiy Book store if you want to shop there. Or you can order via amazon or art supply stores online.

You need to bring your lunch. I have a small refrigerator.  and lots of ice.
also on Saturday, we can eat in town if we don't' want to run back out here. (4 miles)

If you come and need a place to stay, there is an awesome bed and breakfast right outside of Plains. You would need to get your reservation pretty quick though.  There are 4 bedrooms. one can be shared, so if you have a friend to come with you, that would help!
Rock'n B and B, Plains, TX  (they are also online)

 This is what I use but you don't have to get it.
Tobacco brown water soluable ink from gouletpen.com
Noodlers lexington gray ink, from Www.gouletpen.com
lamy safari fountain pen...about $30
platinum carbon ink pen with extra fine nib. $12.00-andmy new fav.
tombow marker
sketchbook and travel palette with my own colors

  1. GOOD sketchbook
  2. pen/ink or pencil
  3. small watercolor set and brush
  4. small water container and water (water bottle)
  5. paper towels
  6. camera
  7.  hat
  8. water to drink
  9. sunscreen 
  10. lawn chair or stool
     You can use whatever colors you want. but this is what I use.
    Bright Red and Alizarin
    permanent rose
    manganese blue
    ultramarine blue
    sap green
    thalo yellow green ( or mix your own)
    new gambouge (yellow)
    quinocrodone gold or transparent oxide yellow
    optional...horizon blue (my fav)
    optional Turquoise

Saturday, March 26, 2016

NMWS-Shear Madness

I found out this week that I got into the NMWS (New Mexico Watercolor Society) member show.
I was surprised at the painting that the juror, Donna Zagotta chose. It was a mess. I poured it, and it was dark and drab, so I used gouache to try to brighten it up.
I loved this building in Snyder, TX. I had to laugh when i saw all the electrical work. That's why I got a picture of it.

Shear Madness

Workshop in Midland, TX

I am behind and trying to catch up! The workshop in Midland was awesome. We had such a fun time.
and the work was top knotch! While I was there I got to go out to a ranch and get some great photos!
i will have those sketches on my sketch blog.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Family Heirloom

This is a small painting of a friends Mothers Saddle. 11x14.  
She was an awesome Cowgirl! Her entire life she dressed the part. 
She was such a neat lady. I didn't do it justice, but enjoyed painting it anyway.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Sunday Best

 Sunday Best and Burlap Boot.

I am till preparing for the upcoming workshop in Midland TX next week.
 I got a photo of a pair of boots as they were being made in San Angelo, TX at Letty's Boot Company. They let us walk around in the back and take pictures while they were working on all their boots.  It was awesome to see how they worked.
The burlap Boot was an experiment, trying to come up with a fast-er demo.
I bought the burlap canvas with the white paint on it. and I left it plain.

Sunday Best

Burlap Boot

Friday, February 26, 2016

All Dressed Up by Suzy Pal Powell

I am working on getting some western pieces done. This one is called 'All Dressed Up'.
I took photos at the neighbors branding and there was a young woman there with her red boots, chaps with extra long fringe and beautiful spurs! I just LOVE all of that. I dont dress like that but I  love to see it.  It is so much my heritage having seen my granddaddy for years working with his horses.  That is where I learned to love it all!

It is 22x28 matted and framed.  This is a poured painting with a little brush work on it.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bow Ties

I have been working the last couple of days on this new piece. I am trying to get some new work before my workshops coming up. Midland Texas March 8-10 and here at my studio April 29-30.
This was from a photo I took somewhere. I really think i got it in NY.
This is 8"x16" torn paper collage.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Shear Madness

We were coming through Snyder Texas and I shot a photo of this old building through the window. When I saw all the electrical lines and boxes, I had to laugh to myself! It was so funny looking.
I sketched it and liked the way the sketch looked so i drew it off on 1/2 sheet of watercolor paper.
I used the pouring technique, but wasn't happy with it.  It was so dark, drab and muddy, so I got out my gouache and started painting, to brighten it up.  I like it now. At least it has some color to it.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Polka Dot

This past Friday was our monthly paint day, and I am always trying to come up with something fun and different so I decided on cups.  I painted it, and then I had the students to design their own backgrounds, cups, etc. It was a fun day.  The polka dots are very tedious but fun anyway.
I have it listed on Daily Paintworks and they chose it to be the FB pick of the day. That was fun!
It is for sale there too.

This is their work, along with mine. I didn't get one photo, she left before I got them done.
I know they will all be really cute when they are finished.  The middle one with the 3 colors of cups, is a new student.  This is her 2nd lesson! She did an amazing job!