Saturday, March 26, 2016

NMWS-Shear Madness

I found out this week that I got into the NMWS (New Mexico Watercolor Society) member show.
I was surprised at the painting that the juror, Donna Zagotta chose. It was a mess. I poured it, and it was dark and drab, so I used gouache to try to brighten it up.
I loved this building in Snyder, TX. I had to laugh when i saw all the electrical work. That's why I got a picture of it.

Shear Madness

Workshop in Midland, TX

I am behind and trying to catch up! The workshop in Midland was awesome. We had such a fun time.
and the work was top knotch! While I was there I got to go out to a ranch and get some great photos!
i will have those sketches on my sketch blog.

More Confetti Flowers

I am still filling the sketchbook with the flowers. I have sold 4 of them. I decided why not!  I love the paper and so what if its in a book...