Wednesday, September 19, 2018

My Favorite Sketchbook

Another week of sketching photos from my phone. I just go through my phone and pick out what looks interesting to draw.  I really love the Handbook sketchbooks. I have filled 10 of them, and just ordered 2 more.  There are a lot of pages so it takes a little longer to fill them up.

Down near the bottom, the church and clothesline were done by adding the real photo and painting  around it.  That is a lot of fun, and we did this in a workshop in Ropes Texas.
I will be teaching in Ropes again in Feb.2019, but it will be Collage.
Watercolor in Georgetown, TX in April. 

Steps to painting my fun Confetti Flowers

I start out with an idea and put down shapes  of color , splattering some along the way. When its dry, I use permanent ink and a fountain p...