Wednesday, September 19, 2018

My Favorite Sketchbook

Another week of sketching photos from my phone. I just go through my phone and pick out what looks interesting to draw.  I really love the Handbook sketchbooks. I have filled 10 of them, and just ordered 2 more.  There are a lot of pages so it takes a little longer to fill them up.

Down near the bottom, the church and clothesline were done by adding the real photo and painting  around it.  That is a lot of fun, and we did this in a workshop in Ropes Texas.
I will be teaching in Ropes again in Feb.2019, but it will be Collage.
Watercolor in Georgetown, TX in April. 


'Smile'  is an acrylic painting of my friend Pat.   She is always taking photos of everybody,  esp at the community happenings!...