Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"A Farmers Nightmare"

This is truly a nightmare in a cotton crop. I love them though. They are tall and gangling but so pretty. They dance around as the wind blows them back and forth. They grow all along the turn rows, and the county roads. AND in our cotton!
This was from a photo that I took by our house. We have a barbed wire fence, and here was this lonely sunflower (not the correct name) and the sky was a gorgeous blue color that day. I got down and took it looking up at it to get all the fence. I have wanted to paint it for a while. I did NOT do it justice.
This is the first painting that I have done that is all gouache. Now I wish I had exaggerated the flowers ! Made them even bigger than they really are.
It is 12.5"x36"

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