Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cloudcroft NM Sketches

We got to come to Cloudcroft for a couple days, It is so cool here, and the sky is always so pretty. I would never have dreamed I would be 'blogging' from a camper! Oh well..It is fun anyway. These are a couple of the sketches I have done, just for fun. I really love sketch books, and don't really sketch enough.
The wooden bear greets you, and the neighbor has all kinds of stuff growing, even squash growing in flower pots! The flowers are some he has setting in his 'yard.'
Just a note: the dragon fly, and the flower by the bear happens to be from a rubber stamp.
I thought it might add an interesting touch to the bear.

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Katie Johnson said...

I really enjoy your blog. I just stumbled across it today. I hope you don't mind that I added it to my sidebar on my blog. Katie

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