Friday, August 27, 2010

Woven Cactus

"Woven Cactus"
This was a failed painting, so I did another one, and wove them together. For me, there is something about the texture of the cut paper that I enjoy. It is extra work, but you don't know if you will like it or not, until you have done it and gotten it back together. If it doesn't work, it is still OK, because I have painted that day, and painting each day is the fun part, Plus a learning experience.


Deb L├ęger said...

It certainly isn't a "failed painting" now! I just love this! It's the one that is making me itch to try this as soon as I can. Hopefully, this weekend! Beautiful! Do you frame them as watercolours after they're woven, or perhaps varnish them?

Kay Smith said...

Captivating cactus now! This one should fly off your studio walls.

ellie said...

Wow Suzy, I like it! It reminds me of my kaleidoscope paintings but I don't go through the work of cutting the paper.