Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yoakum County Art Show 2010

"Wash Day"

We just finished our annual county art show,
and I wont Best in Show with my painting,
"Wash Day." This Old building is in O'Donnell, TX.
It is awesome, and the owner said it was built for a wash house.
(By her parents) in the 40's. I loved it the minute I saw it!
I have done two paintings of it. One with transparent watercolor, and this one
has gouache in the sky. The other one is in the show in Roswell, NM.
Their show opens tomorrow night. I won an award on an old truck that
I entered, "Don't Fence Me In" It is also on my blog. It was posted earlier.


mollie jones said...

Hi Suzy...congrats on this winning painting. It is even better IRL. It was great fun meeting you last week and having you sign all our books. I'll post the photo of all of us on Artcolony and you're welcome it "lift" it if you want to use it in any fun post on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Very good, I am proud of and for you!