Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Daily Supplies

'Daily Supplies'
I painted this for the show in Clovis NM last November. I love western art. That is what I wanted to do when I started painting, but it is so detailed and hard to do, it didn't take me long to venture onto something a little easier! I am hoping to go back to doing more. Maybe because my Granddad was a cowboy and always had a story for us. He remembered all the names of his horses he had his whole life so maybe the sentimental part of me loves western art. He taught our son to rope, and probably gave him tips on riding, and caring for his horse. This painting is similar to another one that I did. I left the rope white on this one. It probably should be called 'New Rope'. The sky is turquoise watercolor mixed with white gouache.

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