Thursday, October 28, 2010

Collage Workshop

Due to email problems, I am posting this on my blog.
I have been asked to do a torn paper collage workshop in Lubbock.
If we can get the building, it will be Feb. 3, 4, and if we had enough interest, we could do 3 days.
that is on a Thursday and Friday, and possibly on Sat. Depending on what I hear back.
It will be $45.00 per day.
It would take one day for a demo, and you do a small one, (8x10 )then on the 2nd day you would bring your own image(larger...maybe 12x12 or 12x16, 14x18) It is a lot of fun, and for me has been addictive. I will have some boot drawings and a few other things too.
Some of the pieces I have done are on this blog, you can just scroll down and see them.
You can just email me and let me know your thoughts on it.
You wont need to many supplies, email me for a list.

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