Saturday, October 16, 2010

Midland Texas Art Show

The opening of the Midland show was last night, and we got lost, but got there just in time for the awards. I hadn't seen the program or looked around so when the President of the college called my name for Honorable Mention, I was so shocked. Not only was there a ribbon, but also a nice check to go with it! I wasn't really sure how this would be accepted in the art world because there is VERY little acrylic paint on it. The rest is torn up magazine pages. It is such fun, and very addictive.


Paige said...


Nathalie Kelley said...

Hi Suzy, I was at the Midland show and LOVED your pieces. Congratulations on the award and check. I was drawn to your art initially because my sister's name is Soozy and we are both Powell girls. But, then I just enjoyed looking at all the bit and pieces that you used to make the picture.
I am going to follow your blog, I hope that's okay.

mollie jones said...

Hate to be a "I told you so" friend...but...I told you so! Congratulations on your success.

Anonymous said...

Bed time, but I want you to know that I am sooo proud of you. Nice seeing the clown on the wall. It is not necessary to put a frame on those canvas things. It really stands out on the wall. You are getting such nice values ...good contrast. Goo photo of you too.
Thanks for sending.

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