Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Daisy De Soto & Little Daisy

'Little Daisy'
Torn Paper Collage

'Daisy DeSoto'
Transparent Watercolor

Daisy DeSoto is a watercolor I did, and the first show it was in, sold.
and I always liked it, and would love to do another one, but probably wouldn't
be like the first one. I have been thinking of doing a 30x40 torn paper ...old vehicle,
so I thought I would experiment with a 10"x10" and see if I was brave enough to try
the BIG canvas. So, I printed out a copy of my original in B/W, and did the small one..'Little Daisy ' It definitely wouldn't let me be picky with the details! I think I will do a big old pick-up
on the large canvas. Am thinking a red one. ...but I will have to figure that out when I
get ready to do it.

I am excited..I have sold 6 paintings in the last 2 weeks! 5 of them collages.
May not happen again for a long time, but am going to enjoy it while I can!


Nancy Standlee said...

Congratulations on the sales and I love your car. The very first painting Canvas by Canvas did was an old red truck and it's still one of my favs. I may have to try it in collage also (if they will let me)

mollie jones said...

Both paintings (?) are just great Suzy...congrats on the sales!