Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Fisherman finished

I started this at Ceta Canyon Art Retreat, and finally finished him. I added some color to the background,
and some color on his shirt, plus some little detail stuff to his face, hair, etc.
I am having problems getting a good photo, it is either dark, or bright...This one is just straight from the camera, without changing anything. It looks a little dull compared to the real painting.
This man was fishing on the beach in Florida.  He was using a net, and throwing it out, and each time he caught something! I had never seen anybody fish like that before, and he let me take his photo
The dolphins were swimming out past him, you could see their fins. A sight we don't see here!
I decided to leave his hat and shirt white, instead of the colors he had on to make his face more important.
It is 16x20 with a mat on it.


Kay Smith said...

He really shines now and is ready to be framed. Excellent portrait!

Marmsk said...

Beautiful painting! I like it very much.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, he really looks like a fisherman. Great job.

Stevie Denny said...

Another really nice painting -- I love your work, Suzy!