Saturday, June 4, 2011

Myrtle Beach Trip

 our first crab legs...not impressed
 Myrtle Beach sign
Keri and the Pirate where we ate.
Well, it has been nearly three weeks since I was able to post anything! My daughter and I went to Myrtle, Beach for a week, then when I got home I packed up again, and left for a torn paper collage workshop down close to Marble Falls, TX.
Our trip was to SC was awesome! we got there the first night with no luggage.  Then when we started home, we got stranded in Memphis TN due to bad weather, but we made the most of it, and went downtown.
It was a relaxing trip. We went to the beach each day.  When we opened our curtains, our view was the ocean, and if we opened the balcony doors, the roar of the ocean was unbelievable!  Our room was cute and
'beachy' looking.  We went to the SC Opry  and it was very good. We experienced seafood we never heard of! One by accident. It was Conch, and pronounced Conk. Not impressed with that either.
Everybody there was so friendly, and the beach was so clean. I would go back. Maybe I will have a painting come from our trip at some point in time.

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