Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Time

Summer Time

This was done on a 6x9 that had a very pale under-painting on it. I haven't really done any watercolors since Christmas and was worrying about that, so I did a very quick drawing...I divided my photo in 9 equal sections, then drew very light lines in 9 equal sections and just drew it in, then quickly painted it.
Trying not to be detailed ...I just wanted to get the message across of what it is.
I am pretty sure I didn't spend much over an hour, if that long painting it, wanting to stay fresh.
This is a scene I see every-time I go to town, this time of year, but I think sadly, it wont happen this year. We haven't had any rain. There are not very many crops around this year.

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Leada Wood said...

Love this one Suzy! I have photos of a watermelon truck several years back when traveling, haven't painted it yet though. So many paintings I want to little time! Need to stay off computer I thinkL lol