Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tokio Cross Roads

Tokio Cross Roads

This old truck was buried up in weeds, in Tokio TX. Tokio is an old 'little bitty' town that is now just a ghost town.  All the buildings are falling down. There are so many memories from Tokio! I never lived there, but I hear so much about it, since so many of Plains people used to live there. Some dear friends met there at the Baptist Church, and married, over 40 years ago! It was a wonderful little town in its' day. My Granddad used to tell me stories about he and my Grandmother riding their horses to Tokio for 'play parties.'
If you ever travel on US 82 between Plains and Brownfield TX you will go thru this special place.
I have painted all the buildings, and they have fallen down since then! I will post them next.
By the way, this truck disappeared after I painted it!


Debby Guelker said...

I remember Tokio from growing up in the Brownfield Levelland area. Sad it has gone away. So much has changed in 35+ years.

I Love your old pickup! Some car collector came and took it for a new life.

Suzy Pal Powell said...

Thanks Debbie!! yes, sadly, it has really changed....


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