Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Challenge


I was invited to do a painting for a 'Halloween Challenge' by Chris Beck, along with  Pablo Villicana Lara. 
At first I was a little hesitant, since I am not real crazy about Halloween, but I do love to see the cute kids in their costumes, etc. so I agreed, then I had problems trying to decide what to do!

When Keri and I went to the Ft.Worth Stockyards, I saw the cutest skeleton decoration.  She had a green feather boa, and orange flip flops, and a witch hat, so I turned her into a Texas Cowgirl Skeleton!  A friend said she could have a western hat, and at the same time we both said AND BOOTS! so wa-la! Here she is, in all her black and orange with her best friend 'Midnight' the Black Cat at her side.
She could be called 'October Cowgirl' or 'Texas Halloween'...
There were several ideas on that, but Spooktacular Cowgirl won out.

This is Torn Paper Collage using magazines for my 'paint.' This art from is pretty addictive, and so much fun!
Below is a list of artists who were in the challenge. The top two were the organizers.
Please go to the top two websites to see everybody's work together, and then you can go to each separately if you want to. These are all wonderful artists, and I am honored to have been ask to join them! Please leave them a comment after you view their work.

Challenge organizers:

Chris Beck:

Pablo Villicana Lara:

List of Participants
Janet Belich:

Debbie Cannatella:

R. Garriott:

Jeanette Jobson:

Ron Morrison:

Diahn Ott:

Suzy Pal Powell:

Terry Rafferty:

Kay Smith:

Deb Ward:

Brenda York: 


Chris Beck said...

Thanks for being part of our Halloween zaniness, Suzy!! I love looking for all the little details on this piece -- just noticed her bandanna clasp -- what fun!!

Pablo Villicaña Lara said...

GREAT collage Suzy!

Diahn Ott said...

Fantastic! I love your use of materials, and how you made this skeleton represent Texas!

Jeanette said...

Inspired work Suzy! Fabulous and elegant skeleton. :)

Suzy Pal Powell said...

Thanks Jeanette!!

Suzy Pal Powell said...

Thanks Pablo and Diahn!

Janet Belich said...

Oh Babe, you done it again ! She is wonderful !!!

Kay Smith said...

I was hoping you'd do a TPC for this fun challenge and you did!! I love its look!

r garriott said...

Your cowgirl is, well, just SPOOKTACULAR!! the collage works so well. I'm honored to be a part of such a fun group.

Suzy Pal Powell said...

Thanks Chris for including me! it was fun! thanks Janet and Kay!
Kay, you knew i would have to go this route! i figured everybody was painting with real paint!
thanks r.garriot! I feel honored to be part of it too!

Terry Rafferty said...

What great fun! My sister-in-law is a cowgirl and will love this - I'm sending her the link :-) Loved seeing all your work, but especially the collages.

Suzy Pal Powell said...

Thanks Terry! I appreciate the kind words! The collage has been addictive for me! I have enjoyed doing them. I do love watercolors too!

mollie jones said...

This has been one of my fav challenges that Chris has done, Suzy...your cowgirl was a big hit. Love her name...