Monday, March 5, 2012

The Golden Palace-NYC

3"x 41/4"
I NEVER do miniatures or City scenes so here is my challenge for March. The group Art Colony has a challenge each month, and the challenge was to do something completely different than what you normally do.
I didn't do research to see if there is a certain size for minis. I just drew off a piece of w/c paper (WN rough by the way), taped it the size I wanted, and sketched it in. I traced the size of the sign, then free handed the rest..From what little I could see in the photo.
This in no way compares to our miniature painters, but it definitely was NOT easy since I don't have tiny mini brushes.I used the smallest I have but sometimes had to blot off the paint!
I have to admit it was fun to do. I did use a little white gouache.

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