Friday, March 2, 2012


Set up in a workshop
Done on both pages
Old Truck

I still love to sketch. Sketchbooks are still one of my very favorites,
and try to keep my sketchbook near. I have a small case that has a place for my sketch book, and pencils, and pens along with a small watercolor palette.
I normally draw with a pencil then go over it with ink.
Some say you should draw with the pen, but still prefer my trusty pencil! (and eraser) Most of the time, I go back and put color on them.
I just went to the high school last week, and talked with the art class about sketch books. They just started theirs. It was fun to see what they were doing, plus I saw some of their work, and
they were all doing great.
I just got a couple of new fountain pens to draw with, NOW to just use them!

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