Friday, April 20, 2012

Midland,TX Demo finally finished!

This is the Demo I started while in Midland, and just finished. Sometimes it is hard to make yourself finish them. This one is sort of funny because I told them the story about my signature, and so it is on the green cup, upside down. There is also just an SP too.The story about the signature is when I was in a workshop a few years ago, the artist teaching embarrassed me so bad over my signature. Just went on and on about it. How it looks so amateur. I signed it in a hurry because he told us to bring our work up and to be sure and sign it. Well, I just put my name, and didn't put it in a straight line. was crooked. Ever since then, I worry when I sign my name. It has stuck with me.
I really enjoyed my time in Midland! The people there are great! and so welcoming!


Nancy Standlee said...

I like you collage and forget that loser teacher...should never have embarrassed my friend.. but for sure you'd never treat someone that way in your workshops..

Suzy Pal Powell said...

thanks Nancy! You are right! i always tell my students, it is their work of art, and I can't tell them how to do some of it! and I would never make a scene about a signature.
He told me I needed to practice writing my name a hundred times, till i got it down artistically..
and what i didn't tell him was that I already had. oh are right, i need to forget about it..but i do think about it! i LOVE your new work!!