Tuesday, April 24, 2012


These poor old ladies!  I took the photo off of an old black and white movie. They were at a wedding, watching the bride and groom come out of the church.  I can see some changes that need to be made,
 but is just for fun.  It is the new technique that I learned from Kay Smith, from Big Spring, TX.
Check out her work. She is an awesome artist, teacher and person.
This is done by gluing phone book pages down, then tearing off. Then painted with gouache.It also has some other collage.  The two outside ladies coats are collaged.  The middle one has a collaged scarf.
 It is such fun.
I have a new one started. Hope I don't ruin him!
My camera made them too red. It could be the book pages underneath that gives it that look.


Kay Smith said...

The sistas turned out very well! What a fun triple portrait it is, and hope you'll do more! It sure is addictive.

Suzy Pal Powell said...

well Kay, you are very kind, but they are pretty rough looking! hahah I wasn't going to post it ..but you said to! is all your fault ..just kidding. it is fun. i can't wait to get back to my new one.