Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Flute Player by Suzy 'Pal' Powell

cold press arches 140lb paper
transparent watercolor
I took a photo of this man waiting for the ferry to go see the Statue of Liberty.
He was playing the Battle Hymn of Republic, over and over....and over!
This one is  on Arches Cold Press 140, and I drew him twice in my drawing pad.  The first one I wasn't happy with, so I took the time to redraw. Then I transferred it using my light box. It is 14x22 and has the white background. I don't know if I will ever paint it our not. I really liked the all white paper behind him. I go from one extreme to the other.  this is transparent watercolor. His beard is the white of the paper except for a few hairs. I ended up using a tiny bit of gouache.

hot press paper with gouache

I did this one first, just experimenting with hot press paper. I have never liked hot press, but have a new respect for it, after playing with this one.

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