Monday, August 6, 2012

The Roswell Daily Record

 I entered the juried art show in Roswell, NM.
The Roswell Fine Arts League (RFAL)
They accepted three of my paintings.  Two Watercolors, and one of my collages.  The newspaper called and interviewed me about the old truck that I painted.  There were 2 other interviews in the paper from other artists

Last year at our art show, our rancher neighbor and friend came in to see the show, and I ask him if I could go out to his ranch and take photos of his horses and cows.  Of course he said yes, and I went out that afternoon, and when I drove up,
 this old  truck greeted me! I loved it, and took more pictures of it than I did of the cows!  I just love the old vehicles, and the way they look! They have such character. The opening reception is August 16th in Roswell, NM.



Nathalie Kelley said...

Congratulations-on being juried in and having an interview. What a blessing and what a neat article. The truck is really a fun piece. What is it about rust? I love rust!

Suzy Pal Powell said...

thanks Nathalie! I don't know but i Love rust!!