Monday, September 24, 2012

My Phone case me Crazy! Why is it that IPhones have all the cute cases, and Android doesn't?  Somebody posted Iphones with palettes painted on them, and I wrote to the company, and they don't do other painted my own!
I took my phone out of the PINK case. I did NOT like the pink but that was all they had when I got my phone.  I drew off the back and figured out what I wanted on it and made a little sketch. I then painted the case with white acrylic.  Let it dry, then drew off my squares for color, and my paint brush. Leaving the top space for my signature.Then I varnished it. I had a lot of problems getting my signature! Still isn't like I like it, but using a sharpie, is best to get it first if you can. This is just fun to have a different looking case. You could put anything you wanted.  I did have a white daisy painted on it for a couple of months. (on the pink)
If you have a boring phone case, try painting it! Or send it to me, and I will paint it for you. In November, I may have a snow man on it! The one draw back, is you can't clean it with alcohol. The alcohol will remove acrylic paint, etc. I have even thought of doing a torn paper image on it! My mind runs rampant when I get a new idea!


Nancy Standlee said...

I like this very much and really like the collage idea..

Suzy Pal Powell said...

Thanks Nancy! I am obsessive you know! hahah...I have to have colorful different stuff!! are you going to do yours? You could really do something neat!!

Linda Rupard said...

Suzy this is wonderful . Thinking like an artist, all these ideas floating around in your head always. Love it.

Suzy Pal Powell said...

thank you Linda! yes i have stuff running around inside there just trying to get out! hahah..