Sunday, November 18, 2012

Christmas Painting Steps

 I use 140lb cp arches or Kilimanjaro watercolor paper.


This is what I do from start to finish on my snow families:
  1. Drawing in a permanent sketch book-11x14 or bigger
  2. After drawing, outline it w/ a sharpie, and photo copy it. (So I wont tear it out of book)
  3. Photocopy
  4. Using a light box and a 2h pencil, I transfer my drawing
  5. Using Manganese Blue, perm. Rose, and some ultramarine blue and turq. I shadow the whole painting..This is called disappearing purple. Learned this from Judy Tremaines book. I drop in colors into the shadow to give it some interest.
  6. After it is dry, I start adding color.
  7. You just keep painting until you get it dark enough. I try to use enough paint for it to work the first time.
  8. For the sky, you have to mix your blues and pinks, and get the color/darkness you want. I normally paint it last but is ok to do it first if you want. You have to be careful around all the edges.
  9. When finished, I take white gouache and make icicles, etc. then take an old toothbrush and put white on it, and then using your thumb flip the snow onto it.
  10. Let dry. If you are ok w/ it. Then you photo it.
  11. Take it outside in the shade…NEXT to where the sun is. Make sure your flash is off.  Lay it flat on the ground, or table whatever. I use the patio, stand over it as much as possible and take your photo. I always take several so I will have a good one in the bunch. Usually I have a blurry one.
  12. Now you are ready to put it on your computer, crop it, enhance, etc. if need be. I always have to do the auto correct.  It brightens it up. Plus I use the eraser tool to make the lights bright, etc.
  13. Now you are ready to make your card!
You will need some sort of print shop, unless you know how to make them in Word.


Kay Smith said...

Verrrry nice to see your working progress.

Suzy Pal Powell said...

Thanks Kay!!