Saturday, December 29, 2012

75 Days!

on October 14, 2012 I decided to try the sketch book challenge by Brenda Swenson.  You sketch with pen and ink only. no pencil or eraser, for 75 days!I wondered if I could co it, but decided to try. I love sketchbooks, and have a bunch that I have done over the years, but always in pencil.
The last day was today! I made it. I did miss 6 days but filled up 3 large sketchbooks.  I am proud of the sketches! I had to think through them before I could make my mark. I am posting the very first one, and the last one, and then I am going to photo them all, and posts some of them.
Thanks to all of you who encouraged me with your remarks as I posted them!!
 The First Day
 Ruidoso Church was done before I got my good ink..(Noodler's ink) and it ran as I painted it. I don't really mind it, but didn't want all of them runny!

The Sketchbooks are the 3 that I filled, and drew in the 4th one. I had to start a new one on Dec. 19th.
I counted most of them, (leaving some out due to how bad they were!) and had 208.
I have so many sketch books, and these will be put up with the rest, and hopefully I will continue. So far,
I don't tear out the pages. They stay in the book!
The spiral book is one of the  visual journals. It has nice paper. The one in the middle was ok. It is pretty thick. The little red one, was a gift from my daughter and it had beige textured rough paper. It was awesome to draw on, better than the slick, but was so hard to paint. It just absorbed all the paint, and would bleed through. They still turned out nice though.
The Last day! December 28th, 2012  -  75 Days of Sketching with Pen and Ink.


christiane fortin said...

Congratulations Suzy I see a change between the first and the last. When I was in art school we did that and I really enjoyed it. Since then I have lots my drawing skills and should to that too. I will get to her site and read. I may try this as of the first of january. Yeap it's a great idea.

You did great!

Suzy Pal Powell said...

thank you Christiane! I answered your comment on my phone and it disappeared! You should go for it! 75 days goes by way too fast!
Happy New Year!