Thursday, July 25, 2013

Portales NM Watercolor Workshop

 This past week end I was in Portales, NM for a 2 day watercolor workshop. We had a good group, and had a lot of fun.  Everybody did an awesome job. We started out with 10 but due to some health issues and other things, we had 5.
 We concentrated on rust, and old metal, and lots of grass.
To do rust, use Kosher salt on your wet paint!
it works great.
There is a program you can download that is really good, if you are interested. It is called RoynaSoft Poster Printer.
 Showing them the RoynaSoft Pro Poster prog.




CrimsonLeaves said...

The one time I tried salt, it stuck to my paper and I had a dickens of a time removing it. LOL And I did use Kosher salt. Leave it to me. Anyway, looks like a wonderful class and you must be an awesome teacher because your students' work is beautiful!

Suzy Pal Powell said...

Thanks CL. Use an old credit card and the salt will just pop off!