Monday, March 17, 2014

Underpaintings in Class

In our monthly watercolor class, we have been doing under paintings.  Last month we did a background under painting, then painted the pears. Then this month we did a complete under painting, then figured out where to put the bike and painted over the under painting. This is a lot of fun, but takes some planning and thinking.
This was the under painting that we did first. I find flower designs, and just use that for my designs.
Scrapbook paper works great for ideas.   It has to be painted lightly.  I had them try to mix their watery color about like iced tea...that transparent. It is just for interest, etc.
 Then with the bike drawn off on tracing paper so we could see through it, we put the bike on the under painting where we wanted it to work best, and then drew it off.  I had the basket come out by the center yellow flowers and used them as part of the painting. Everything else was painted over. I did use some gouache in a few places.

The Red Bike was what I worked up, then I did the blue one in class.  I have started giving away my demos because they stack up, and Faye picked out the red one!
This is an example of some under paintings.  Just experiment and you would be surprised at what you end up with!

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CrimsonLeaves said...

These are so fabulous, Suzy! I love reading of your ideas and processes.