Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Collage Workshop in Plains, TX

Sandy, Nancy, Bob, Olene, Alice, Reta and Jane
I had a great class this past week end.  They all jumped in and tore up lots of magazine pages!
When it got quite, that is all you could hear, was paper ripping. Was such fun!
They all had a great portrait when they finished.  There were 7. Sandy Oveson came all the way from DeKalb TX, Bob and Nancy Phillips from Roswell, NM, Alice Hahn from Eunice, NM, Olene Harris from Tatum, NM, and Jane Phillips and Reta Nail from Lubbock,TX.Alice chose her husband Troy to collage. Bob did a self portrait, and Nancy collaged a cute picture of her Mother.  Olene collaged her Grandson, Jane a basketball player and Reta a family member.  Sandy did a cupcake, then started on some tuba players from a parade. I was proud of all their hard work!

Jane and Reta
Troy-Alice's Husband

Bob and Nancy


Two Sisters, laughing all day
Olene and Alice

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