Sunday, July 27, 2014

Workshop in Plains

This Friday and Saturday we had a great 2 day workshop. The first big workshop in my new building. I loved it! The students were from: Artesia New Mexico, Midland, Lubbock, and Plains. They all created something that they will enjoy for years!

We have set up another collage workshop for March 6,7 2015. Put on your calendar if you are interested. I only have room for 10-11 so I will need to know as soon as you can. It is $80 for both days.

Kathy, Rhonda Carol
Georgie, Mary George, Liz
Ruth Ann, Donna and Danielle

Also, September 12 -13,next month...
 I am teaching a Sketchbook class. We will do some basic simple sketches and learn about sketchbooks and different tools we can use.  Also we will talk about making our own.  I am excited to do this because sketchbooks happen to be one of my favorite things to do! You do not need any experience, so don't worry about that part. It takes a while to learn to draw and this is a beginning if you have ever been interested. I have filled several sketchbooks over the years, and they are such fun to go back through.
The cost is $80 for both days. You mainly need a good sketchbook. This is a great brand--visual journal. They have watercolor, mixed media and smooth. I love them all. I watercolor my sketches, so this paper works really good. they have small and large. I would recommend the small to start with.  I draw strictly with ink, and that would be my advice to you also.  You can pick up a fountain pen, or a good ball point, etc. If you are worried about that, bring some pencils. colored pencils, etc.
I will make a better list in a few days.This 2 day workshop is $80 also.

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CrimsonLeaves said...

Boy! I sure would love to do that Sketchbook class, but alas, even if I had the $80, I wouldn't have the airfare and hotel! LOL Still, I love sketchbooks too and am trying so hard to make them a part of my life. As with all things, time gets away from me.

Your students' collage work is awesome!


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