Saturday, August 9, 2014

Sketchbook Skool week 6 with Liz Steel

Liz Steel is the instructor this week. You should google her work. she is awesome! (I don't know the link) She has filled over 100 sketchbooks.
She loves to sketch tea cups, and so that is what I tried first, experimenting with the backgrounds.
I don't have any fancy cups to work from either, so I googled them, and found these 3 that I liked.
We are also supposed to do a building, and so I guess that is next!
She has a technique I hadn't thought of, and that is draw with a watercolor pencil first, then go over with ink, and when you paint it, it disappears into the paint.  I will do that more on difficult subjects.  Is a good thing to know.


Vernita Hoyt said...

Hi Suzy, these teapots are sweet. I will look up Liz Steele.

Christiane Fortin said...

This is great. Liz is a wonderful artist I read her and follow her sketching blog.

CrimsonLeaves said...

These are gorgeous teacups you've found and I love the added geometrical elements of your borders and backgrounds!! I too follow Liz's blog and her teacup pages are my favorites!! Beautiful "sketches," Suzy!

Suzy Pal Powell said...

Thanks Vernita Christiane and CL!! I enjoyed the cups and buildings.