Monday, February 9, 2015

Four More small oil Paintings

 I am still painting each day.
These are 6x6 oil on gessobord. I hope to paint some larger at some point but right now, these are working for practice! I sold a couple, and had a couple of commissions.
The bird nests I found in our yard.
They are amazing! They find all colors of strings and twine, and tie it to the twigs. Is unreal! I can't even imagine how long it must take! Two of these are Oriole nests. The small nest is so fragile. Looks as if she found some roots to something and put them all together. It has a lot of cotton in it too. It blows my mind at how soft both these nests are inside. So cozy for their little babies!

 This nest is on a 6x8 gessobord.
The last painting 'Blue Dishes' was done on 6x6 also. I found these blue dishes at Hobby Lobby and had to have one for set ups.  They had cups and small little dishes to match.
These are all listed on Daily Paintworks for sale.


CrimsonLeaves said...

Your oil style is very bold and bright, Suzy. Also very delightful and full of joy. Love that top nest especially!

Suzy Pal Powell said...

Thank you!! I appreciate your encouragement

Julie Ford Oliver said...

Love to see someone else loves to paint the nests. I love your expressive style.