Sunday, September 20, 2015

Santa Fe #20

I love the setting around this blue gate..not to mention the great blue color.  
Also the number on the post was interesting! I feel like I sort of turned the page with the acrylic technique.  I have not liked acrylics for some reason.  I couldn't' keep them wet, 
had to keep putting them out, etc. and I thought if I did the 30 day challenge with acrylic, it might help me appreciate them and learn more about using them.  
I do like the dried finished look of it.  It is very convenient for it to dry so fast.
It dawned on me after yesterdays painting that you have to just block in colors, no detail.
You keep painting it over and over, and then you get to the detail at the end.  I think I was trying for detail immediately and it just won't work, at least not for me.  I also didn't realize they were so transparent.  You have to keep going back to get coverage, and I am using mostly the heavy body paint.  This definitely had been quite a challenge for me!  
I am glad I chose the acrylics for the challenge.

These can be purchased here:


Julie said...

This is absolutely fabulous! Love your style!

Suzy Pal Powell said...

Thank you so much Julie!