Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Ruffles and Rust Show

I decided to have a booth at the Ruffles and Rust Christmas show in Lubbock, TX.  That was a big job getting a lot of my Christmas stuff there.  I took some paintings and prints but my little snow people ornaments did better! i have painted SO many of these this year! Such fun though!

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martinealison said...


Merci de nous faire partager quelques photos de votre stand où de petites merveilles sont là pour l'étonnement de beaucoup...
Je vous souhaite un vif succès et de belles rencontres.

Gros bisous ♡

Collage of Confetti Flowers

I have had a lot of fun with these flowers, that I named Confetti Flowers. Here are 26 of them. I have done more than that..Not sure exactly...