Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mail Time

'Mail Time'

This is a painting that I did just for fun. It is a full sheet.
I was driving through Andrews one day and saw this door and stopped and took pictures of it. Seems like we don't see things like this anymore! Or at least where I live we don't.
The door had several places where the lock had been replaced, and it was all scratched up and rusted which made it even more interesting. It won't ever be a painting that anybody wants, but I just had to paint it! I had planned on using a real stamp but changed my mind and painted it instead. I love getting mail, and this intrigued me!


carolpete said...

Suzy - I love it! Enter it in the Western Fed --- they seem to love paintings that are a little different.

Anonymous said...

Love it! And isn't it familiar to me for some reason?

Anonymous said...

Fantastic work!!!
Kay Smith

Anonymous said...

Another nice Suzy job.
It may not be the kind of thing your friends will buy for their homes, but it is the kind of thing that show judges like...not the usual flower or barn paintings.
Naomi Brotherton

Anonymous said...

i like this one...always have