Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day Demo

Memorial Day Demo
Our art association has a demo at the monthly meetings and the artist that was going to come, had to cancel, so I offered to do it.
I love to cut paintings up and weave them back together so I decided to do a flag, in honor of Memorial Day that we just celebrated.
To do this, you have to paint 2 of the same composition. I try to vary the values so it will show up more. In one of the paintings, I had a lot of purple in the sky, in the other one,I just had a pale cobalt blue sky. You cut one vertically, and one horizontally, then weave them. I cut these in a wavy line becauseI wanted, or hoped it would look like a waving flag.


Anonymous said...

I Like your Flag!

Anonymous said...

Your wavy flag did good. Nice one. That should sell, partly for its creativity...and then the beauty of the colors and its treasure as our country's identifying symbol.

Naomi Brotherton

Kathy Grant said...

Love this one!! don't know how you could improve on it. looks great. love the wavy lines. really nice. I know you blew them away.

Kay Smith said...

Susie, this turned out really really nice!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful job!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is terrific! You are now becoming known as Flag Gal Pal.

Anonymous said...

What a fine tribute to our troops to find on my computer this morning...Memorial Day.

Marmsk said...

This is my first visit to your blog. I like what I see and will be back. Lovely paintings.