Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fashion Statement 3

"Fashion Statement 3"
I am still experimenting with my under paintings. The Flamingos work great for what I have been doing. I still have a couple more views that I plan on painting. I decided why not just have a 'series' of them. I like the way the design of the under painting works in the water.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!I enjoy receiving your paintings

Kay Smith said...

Love these oh-so-happy flams! You've a nice series going now, so don't stop.

Anonymous said...

I love these. The under-paintings are amazing! I'd never seen this type of painting before today. I love it because you have to look deeper, below the surface. Very few people take the time to look deeper, whether it is in art or people. We all seem to be in such a rush that we miss so much. We really enjoyed working with you today. Love, Tege