Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Spurs

"New Spurs"

This 'torn paper' collage is very addictive, and so much fun!
This is from a photo that I took in Clovis NM of some boots and spurs.
Searching through a magazine looking for the right texture and color is time consuming but I am getting faster at it. I call it my paper palette. Derek Gores, a collage artist, told me to just be free, let go and use some wild things in my work, so I did. I was skeptical about using a brooch for the spur but it worked! and added some fun to it. I am going to add what he wrote after seeing my Bronc Rider. You can look him up...and see his amazing work plus he is on Facebook.

Your piece looks great...! I work very quickly, so I like that the gloss dries fast... and the gloss makes the colors pop out more.
one thought for you on the next one. For things like the fringes, try finding a texture in the printing that mimics that slightly, rather than cutting out individual fringes. could be some stacked letters, or a picture of a fence, or windows in a building maybe. also, try finding pieces that satisfy more than one area at a time. for ex, maybe a piece that has some white and then some brown could be used for the edge of the horse and the background at the same time. and i suggest mixing it up more, rather than just making the whole background a map, be a little more free. anything whiteish could work back there. try an assortment where the pics are a mix of close and far away... for ex a map feels far away.. imagine overlapping that with something super close up... the white of an eye maybe? that near/far spatial play makes these things reallllly dynamic. try that approach throughout. people realllly like saying things like 'wow she used a strawberry and a corvette for part of the scarf!'
try things that are vastly different than the object they will create. don't just go for the right color, go for surprising textures.

and feel free to include my thoughts on your blog if u wish.


Margie Whittington said...

Your collages are terrific!
Love them all.

Anonymous said...

This is my favorite. I like them all, but especially this one. Awesome! Tege


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