Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rodeo Clown

'Rodeo Clown'

This is my 4th collage with torn paper. The 16x20 got very large before I could finish.
I was wondering why in the world i used it, but it was what I had on hand.
This is very creative, and I believe it might be intuitive too, because you sort of do what looks or feels right. I am still using acrylics here and there. It makes me feel better, and makes me feel like I am really painting. I am surprised at the rich colors you can get using this method.
I have a new one sketched off. Plus I have been working on some more 'New Spur' paintings.


Nora Myres said...

Suzy..Naomi told us about your collages in class and posted the clown! THEY ARE WONDERFUL!!
Nora Myres
Rockwall, TX

Kay Smith said...

Wow Susie you've taken to this method like a duck to water. I think the clown may be your best one yet...then again I say that after I see each one. Bravo!!!


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