Monday, November 29, 2010

The Family Tree

'The Family Tree' ©

This painting will also be used for cards. I paint them about 9x12 or ...1/4 sheet of watercolor paper so they will make nice cards. If you paint them too small, they don't look as good.
This little family is going and picking out their special tree for the holidays.
We never lived where there was any trees to go pick out. I do remember going to my Grandparents house who lived in the woods in East Texas, and she always had a little fresh tree, with hand made ornaments and popcorn strings. I never did very well with stringing the popcorn since it was my favorite thing to eat.
I pray we remember why we celebrate Christmas.


Kay Smith said...

This little family scene is adorable.

mollie jones said...

I love this one, Suzy. As I lived in Lufkin as a child, then in Tyler as an adult, we always went out and cut our trees. We only switched over to a fake tree when the kids went off to college as they weren't here to do the heavy work. But, I do remember (and love) the smell of fresh pine in the house. We don't put the tree up until the 2nd week of Dec even now as that was when we put the real one up so we could keep it watered. Thanks for the memories. This is a darling card.


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