Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fresh Trees

'Fresh Trees' ©

This is a new Christmas painting for 2010.
I'm not sure how many people use fresh trees anymore.
We don't because of allergies. I can remember going on Dec.24th and getting a tree when I was growing up. My parents would never put a tree up before then! Strange now, since people decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving.


mollie jones said...

Love the card, Suzy. We always went out and cut our tree at home, but it went up 2 weeks before Christmas...not a day earlier. And, mother made us water it every day...fond memories for sure.

ellie said...

We still get a fresh tree every year. No allergies..we love the smell. I have to hold my husband back. He would get a tree the first day of December but I say no. He is a big kid at Christmas.I LOVE your Christmas painting Suzy.