Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bicycle Paintings

I love Bicycles, and have painted them off and on for a few years. I took a picture of our neighbors 'retired' blue bike that she had flowers planted in the basket, one summer day.
It has been an inspiration to me, and have done it in a few different ways, starting with a value study, then watercolor. I have done 3-4 Christmas bikes, and recently collaged over 2 watercolors that I had started. They are fun, and maybe being in the mood for spring and summer has made me want to do them again.
Three of these paintings are for sale. The two collages, and the first watercolor.


Margie Whittington said...

I love your bike paintings and especially the bike collage!
Really great work. Thanks for sharing, Suzy!

cassi said...

OK, Suzy .... you are killing me with these. I LOVE them all. The red bike collage is stunning. I now think I will have to buy another house so I have open walls to buy these and hang them. :)))

Anonymous said...

Suzy I loved your bicycle paintings they sure bring back a lot of happy memories of when I was a little girl and riding a bicycle was my favorite thing to do. Hope you all are doing well. the snow and ice left and we have been having some pretty days. love you, bonnie

Ruth said...

What a neat idea and Suzy you really did your subject proud.. well done