Friday, February 18, 2011

Watercolor Variations

House Collage

Watercolor Variations

Last year I took a workshop from Judi Betts, and she had us do 6x9 blocks,
with a triad. I normally choose the transparent triad which is cobalt blue, Permanent Rose, and Auerolin Yellow. They are springy, summery looking to me. The large painting was the one I did in her class. She gave everybody a photo of a house, and we had to do our own thing with it, after doing an under-painting with our triad. The House Collage are 6x9 paintings that I did this week, Using the same photo, just different ideas. I stayed with just those three colors as long as I could. At the end, I added a few others for dark's, and the Red Roof.
The small studies are fun, and fast to do.


Nancy Standlee said...

You are so good with the watercolors and under painting. All are beautiful.

WW said...

Oooh....I adore watercolors and LOVE the work of Judi Betts as well. Your pieces are just wonderful!

PeliKeeper said...

I just love this watercolor. Its so beautiful. Your work is inspiring.


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