Sunday, February 20, 2011

'Lil Red Bike'

'Lil Red Bike'
Torn Paper Collage

This is another bike collage, only 6x9 inches. It was another one of the under-painting studies.The same size as the Blue Bike. It was done in grays and so dull
and thought that the whites and reds would liven it up. On this one I found some black/red dots on a page, and liked it on the tire. These are such fun to do.
The large red bike sold yesterday. These 2 small ones are still available.


Margie Whittington said...

I like it a lot!

Margie Whittington said...

I really like the clock in the center of the wheel. Clever!!!

PeliKeeper said...

Very nice bike. I love the flowers in the basket and the clock...very nice *_*

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