Monday, March 28, 2011

Ceta Canyon Art Retreat

This past week I was at Ceta Canyon, near Amarillo,TX. It is an awesome place to go. It is a Methodist Retreat place but everybody uses it. The deer roam all over the place, as well as wild turkey.  The phones won't work there, you have to drive out to connect, which is nice.No television.  Our building we paint in is really great. Has a fireplace, and lots of windows.  I think they said it was started in 1918.
We have our own rooms with bathroom.  We come and go whenever we want to.  I tried to start by 8 every morning and we would paint until midnight. I got several pieces done. Now that I am home, a couple of them don't look so good! Plus I have to finish up what I started.
This painting is really too dark in the picture. It is not this dark across his eyes. After I work some more, I will re photo him. He was a fisherman I got in Florida.  I left the net out. Just wanted his face. I hope I can finish him and do him justice! I am trying to figure out what colors would work best on cap and shirt!

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