Friday, April 1, 2011

Red and Black Boot

Red and Black Boot
Torn Paper Collage

I did this boot to take to the Lubbock Arts Festival. It is April 8-10. I was asked to set up and work on something each afternoon. I was excited to get to do it, I am wondering if I need to re-do the spur.  It may be a little white!
I will have to make that decision soon. I marked Lubbock on the map, and did it in red and black, for obvious reasons.
I have a new gadget, Called Square.   It goes in my phone, and it is a credit card reader. Works on an iphone or android. Is pretty neat.  You can even take a picture of what you are selling, and it keeps it in a file so you know what is what. I hope I get to use it!

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