Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Made in the USA

Made in the USA
In January when I went to Tyler to teach, I also visited with my aunt in Avinger. She had several old bikes sitting around, and I love bicycles. This one was down at their cabin sitting by a boat. I took some close ups of different parts of it, and I love the way the light was hitting it.
I used kosher and table salt to make the rust.
I couldn't decide what to put behind it because I knew the boat wouldn't work, so I dug through some papers to find a design that I liked. I just drew in the shapes from the paper, after first putting down a yellow wash. Then I was able to paint a lot of it negatively leaving the yellow showing through. It has several glazes of other colors along with some turquoise and orange splatters.

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Annette said...

Hi Suzy yes it was great to meet you today and I hope the rest of the weekend is great for you. Glad you found my rubberbands : ) Love this bike also btw.

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