Monday, April 9, 2012

Workshop with Kay Smith

Kay and her demo
Kay Smith-Suzy Powell
Painting-not named yet
Saturday I was lucky enough to get to go take a workshop from Kay Smith in Big Spring, TX.
She is becoming very well known, just got in Splash 14 among several other art books.
She is an awesome teacher. Be sure and go to her blog and check it all out.

We did mixed media. Using matte medium, we glued down 4 pages from a telephone book on hot press watercolor paper. After 10 minutes, we tore off what would come off, leaving some of the paper. Then after it dried, we sketched our images on using charcoal. Then we painted with gouache. Then we collages some. I used wrapping paper from a birthday gift. The image is a manikin. I took photos of her last week. I also used some gold leaf on her hat. I have a few touches I need to do yet.

The first photo is the demo that Kay did. This technique goes pretty fast ...after you prepare the paper. The bottom photo is the one that I did. For some reason I haven't named it yet! that is very unusual for me!


Nancy Standlee said...

Very nice Suzy, I did something similar in a Liz Hill workshop and really like mixing my media!! You are so good with watermedia and collage both.

Suzy Pal Powell said...

thanks Nancy! Kay took from Liz H. too. AT Dena's. I really like the technique.
i sure love the oil paintings you are turning out!

Nancy Standlee said...

Love your "old women" at art colony..tried to comment but it's limited to members..tell the girls this: Love it Suzy.. I use some telephone pages in some of my acrylic collage pieces and they give a nice graphic quality I like. Two other gouache artists I've taken from is Donna Zagotta and Carla O' couldn't remember a gouache artists name.. do you frame the gouache under glass?

Suzy Pal Powell said...

thanks Nancy. they are pretty rough looking! did you read the comments?
about what i wanted to name them? or plexi.
i knew Carla used gouache. i wish i knew who it was on the artists mag.cover years ago. it was a scene w/ some chickens, and a at a market place or something. was an awesome ptg. i may still have the magazine. when i have more time, i will look!

Kay Smith said...

All looks great! Thanks for mentioning me and Liz Hill, too! We're just a couple artists having fun!!

Suzy Pal Powell said...

well..i have fun at it too..just wish they would get better!!