Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Collage Workshop in Lubbock, TX

When I was at the Arts Festival in Lubbock, as well as the Wine/Clay Festival, several
people ask about a workshop, so I found a place where we can get together. So, we are having a
 Collage workshop in Lubbock, July 27, 28
 If you are interested, you can email or call me. I will have all the
details, and location later.

I decided to just put a supply list here, making it easier to know what is needed.
  1. 12x12 or larger canvas or board (2)
  2. liquitex gloss medium/varnish (Hobby Lobby)
  3. liquitex gloss varnish (Hobby Lobby)
  4. black sharpie...regular tip (not fine)
  5. old brush
  6. paper towels
  7. water bowl for brush
  8. good magazines. Ones that have heavy slick pages.  (the ones like better homes, family circle, southern living, aren't as good)
  9. ruler
  10. an idea of what you want to do
  11. patience, and an open mind to just have fun.
I hope this is all, if I forgot something, I will add it.


Marmsk said...

Cool! I am keeping my eye on this.

Suzy Pal Powell said...

come join us!!

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