Thursday, August 2, 2012

Yoakum County Art Show

 Summer Liv'n
1st Place Miniature
 Black and Blue
2nd Place Miniature

Our art started Tuesday with check in's, and the judging was today.
Kay Smith from Big Spring came and judged it for us. I painted 3 little 5x7's and put them in the show.
The Watercolor 'Summer Liv'n' got 1st, and the Acrylic on stretched canvas got a 2nd Place.
The show ends Saturday. If you are close by, drop by and see all the work that was entered.
Who Knows! You might find one you want to buy for your home or office!


mollie jones said...

Congratulations, exciting for you. Both paintings are wonderful. Don't think I've seen you paint miniatures should do a series of these little jewels.

Suzy Pal Powell said...

thanks Mollie, it just dawned on me, i should have added my other little mini. i normally paint bigger but these are fun, and am trying to learn how to use the acrylics and have brush strokes!
have fun on your Florida trip! Kay said you were going Sunday! are you traveling together?