Saturday, January 12, 2013

Garden Decorations

This hippy hoppy frog that I posted last time  is a sketch that I did just using ink, and he is in my sketchbook. The Fish is a painting.   I have several photos of these pottery garden decorations from a garden shop. So after doing the frog, I was going through my paper and ran across a quarter sheet of hot press wc paper that I had glued down some sheer art paper. I used 3-4 different kinds of paper on it, and it looked like the perfect texture I wanted.  So, I drew the fish onto the paper, just like I have been doing with my sketches.  I did use a pencil due to the large size. It is a lot of detail painting, almost as bad as painting fabric, but enjoyed it, so now I am doing a 3rd one, and plan on having 4. I will post the others when I am finished! I don't plan on painting a background.
I love that paper with the little squares of news paper in it. it has writing on it. Also one piece of the paper has gold threads running through it.
I used watercolor and gouache, on the Fish.
I have already prepared another piece of paper just to match  the paper used on the fish.

I can't tell you how much the 75 day sketch challenge has helped me with my drawing! I am still drawing something each day. I think I am on day 90.  It gives you so much more confidence when you start a new painting! I highly recommend it to everyone.


christiane fortin said...

Suzy for some reason I just love this piece. You know it would make such a wonderful summer plate design or a start for a summer collection of cushion, table mat etc. It's inspiring.

Suzy Pal Powell said...

Thank you Christiane. I planning on having a set of 4 . I am working on a surface.